Junior Communicate

Yes I Can! Junior Communicate is a beginner level class, focusing on basic social communication between the children, each other and their teachers.

Child to teacher ratio of 4:1.aitplane girl

APPROACH: Yes I Can uses the Natural Environment Training Approach, a branch of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). This approach is proven to help children expressively and receptively communicate in a variety of ways to their caregivers/peers. The Floortime Approach is used in many of the aspects of the program, but especially predominant at ‘freeplay’.

GOAL: To expose the children in a small group to routine and structure,(the beginnings of school readiness skills), making them feel comfortable in their surroundings to help reinforce communication between each other and the teachers.  The use of visuals and schedule boards aid in this process.  The pictures are used to reinforce the verbal word, giving them more opportunity to be successful.

The delivery of this programming offers opportunities to expand both the expressive and receptive vocabulary.


  • Peer Play
  • Cognitive Circle
  • Gym/Arts and Sensory
  • Snack
  • Music Circle
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