At Yes I Can! we offer a caring, stimulating learning environment to enhance each child’s strengths while fostering leadership skills and promoting activities that build confidence, self-esteem and a life-long love of learning.

Thank you for the recognition of deeming us an “Award Winning” school.

A warm, inclusive and enriched early learning setting, where children of differing abilities learn side by side.

Our highly qualified teachers, supported by our Community Partners, allow us to further our dreams of providing unique, innovative, Early Childhood Education programs to children in the community ages 18 months to 10 years.

Convenient location 25 Old York Mills Rd.

We offer Preschool (am/ pm), Specialized Kindergarten, Specialized communication classes for children 2.6 months to 6 years with ASD and/or social communication delays.

Call us to plan a visit: 416-486-4911

Executive Director: Janet MacDougall

Please do visit the posted videos of our Executive Director and former Yes I Can student at the bottom of the page.

Parents' Praises

  • Yes I Can Nursery! Is near and dear to my heart. I sent both my boys to their Summer Camp and the Communication Classes for approximately 5 years in total. This school is outstanding for one reason: The Staff! They are skilled, they are caring, they are welcoming and equally important; Yes I Can is inclusive. From the difficult transitions to the first words uttered, Yes I Can was by our side. From tears to joy , we simply say THANK YOU.

    Lillian Wagman
  • We came to Yes I Can after talking with friends and neighbours about their nursery school experience, and our expectations have not only been met, but they have been exceeded. Our child simply loves "school."  He runs to the classroom every morning, ready to learn and play, and we love that we can watch him (unobtrusively) through the window. We have seen his confidence and language skills grow with every week. We know he is getting lots of one-on-one attention, and that as he is having loads of fun with stories, art and dancing, he is acquiring elementary skills with respect to language, counting and socializing that he will build on for the rest of his life.  We are so happy we chose Yes I Can! and are excited to see what the preschool years bring!

    Alison Waldenberg
  • Our daughter was diagnosed with Autism at age 2-1/2. On the advice a professional, we immediately called Yes I Can and registered her in their Jr. Communicate class. While we were still processing a flood of information, our daughter's therapy had already begun. Over the next 3-1/12 years, she attended every class and camp that Yes I Can had to offer. Every single day the staff at Yes I Can demonstrated the knowledge, commitment, energy, patience, professionalism and creativity that was required to draw my daughter out into the world and show her how to negotiate it. She is now in Grade 3 and doing well. Yes I Can was THE KEY ELEMENT to her progress and success. I have been working in the Yes I Can Lunch Program for 2 years. It is wonderful to see this enriching experience unfold for both typical and special needs children from the inside. Both groups benefit greatly from the experience of Yes I Can's thoughtful approach. And from sharing the experience with each other.

    Kat Burgess
  • Our two youngest children attend Yes I Can and love it. Every day they talk about what new book they read, new experiment they did or new song they learned. The staff is incredibly caring and sensitive to all our needs. Not only do they know our youngest two, but they know and care about all our children and our family as a whole.

    C. W.
  • Like many parents, we were anxious about our little one starting junior kindergarten. We wanted her to be loved and challenged, understood and stretched. Yes I Can has done that and so much more for our daughter. Six months into her JK year Olympia has blossomed into a confident, curious and social learner. The Yes I Can teachers are dedicated, knowledgable and unfailingly capable of meeting the needs of all of the learners. We are so grateful that we have been able to give our daughter such a strong start to school within the Yes I Can community.

    Ajike Akande