Senior Communicate Class

Yes I Can! Senior Communicate is an intermediate level class, focusing on social communication between children, expressive and receptive language and building imaginative play skills.

Child to teacher ratio of 4:1.

Approach: Yes I Can uses the Natural Environment Training Approach, a branch of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). This approach is proven to help children expressively and receptively communicate with there peers/caregivers. The Floortime Approach is used in many of the aspects of the program, but especially predominant at ‘free play’.

Goal: To expose children to small peer group where they can practice imaginative play skills, increase vocabulary and develop social communication with peers. The use of visuals and schedule boards aid in this process. The pictures are used to reinforce the verbal word, giving them more opportunity to be successful. This program provides the opportunity to increase expressive, receptive and social communication skills.


  • Peer Play
  • Do It Together Time
  • Cooking/Social Snack
  • Dramatic Door
  • Show and Share

“Today I” Letter:

This is an informative “quick” letter home. It is written both with picture symbols and notes from the teachers. The purpose of our “Today I” sheet is to encourage daily communication between you and your child. Your child can show you in picture form what he/she did that morning; while notes from the teacher help you to form questions that will bring out language from your child.

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